Student Conduct Evaluation

We are very committed to the training of your child in the areas of character and conduct.  These evaluations are an imperfect system that we use to try to communicate to you what we see in your child in the context of the school setting.  Evaluations are meant to be a tool to help you and us to work as a team to help your child to develop good Christian quality traits... the fruit of the spirit... love, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, meekness, goodness, and self-control. 

The following are simple definitions of the areas listed on the Report Card:

Respects Authority/Accepts Corrections:  Does your child respond to correction with a sweet and gentle spirit? Does he/she talk back and argue with the teacher when corrected?  Does your child use the appropriate words, tone and facial expressions when responding to the teacher and other adults? 

Respects Rights of Others:  Does your child control himself/herself in the classroom or other settings in such a way as to not infringe upon the rights of others?  Is he quiet when others are working?  Is she careful to not demand her own way and will upon others?  Does she do anything to hamper the effectiveness of the others learning experience?  Does he "keep hands, feet, and objects to himself?"

Respects Property of Others:  Does your child "meddle" with things that do not belong to him/her?  Has your child taken something that does no belong to them... for any reason?  Does your child handle the property of the classroom with care and return it to its place undamaged?  Does your child try to mind the business of others rather than their own?

Exhibits Listening Skills:  Is he/she attentive to those who are instructing?  Does your child repeatedly need for instructions to be repeated? Are his/her assignments completed as instructed?  Does your child not only hear what is being said but understand and attempt to conform to the expectations?

Is Cooperative:  Is your child quick to respond to requests that are made without complaint?  Is obedience not only quick, but cheerful?  Does your child do what is asked or what he/she wants to do that is different?  Does your child cheerfully exhibit "give and take" in the various situations during the day?

Abides by the Classroom Constitution:  Are the established rules of the classroom followed consistently?  Does your child know and apply the requirements without reminder and/or complaint? 

Follows Instruction:  Is your child doing the work in the specified manner?  Is he changing old habits into new habits willingly and eagerly? Does she comply without a daily reminder and consequence?  Is it an ongoing struggle for the teacher to train the student in compliance to the procedures established? 

Is Courteous:  Does your child respond with "yes" or "no" ma'am/sir?  Is disrespect seen toward teacher, adults or other student?

Is Trustworthy:  Can student be trusted to behave when the teacher is out of the room?  Can he be trusted to remain under self control when in the hall, the bathroom, the playground, the cafeteria, or the Chapel?  Does she take notes home to parents faithfully?  Does she return with all the things needed for school that day?  Homework?  Books?  Library books returned? 

Respects Sacred Things:  Does student participate in the Bible lessons with appropriate reverence and seriousness?  Does he listen with good attentiveness?  Does she sing the songs?  Does your child behave appropriately in chapel? 

Works Quietly:  Does student keep himself under control when working in the classroom?  Is she a talker?  Does he make irritating noises?  Is he disruptive to the others?  Will she comply with the required level quiet when going from one subject to another?  When other things are being done? 

Shows Real Effort Consistently:  Is just enough to get by the attitude of your child?  Is he sloppy when he could be neat?  Is she halfway listening when she should be attentive?  Is homework complete and show concentrated effort?  Is it obvious that he is working to his potential?  Can he do better? 

Shows Initiative:   Does your child anticipate the next thing?  Does he use his time wisely and work diligently when time is given in class?  Is she prone to play with things or stare out the window or draw pictures instead of doing the work required or working homework assignments when extra time presents itself?  Does he show eagerness to learn something new?

We hope our evaluations in these areas will be helpful to you in training and teaching these children.