Why a Christian Education?

Sharon Gilder on March 23, 2021

In this day and time with all the revisionists attacking our history, and dismantling the basic tenets of the government of our forefathers at breakneck speed, children of believers desperately need someone to help them learn a Christian worldview. Strong,  believers who are experienced teachers, who spend  seven hours a day with your children can help them develop this Christian worldview.  Children need to see history, science, and all things pertaining to our earthly habitation as God's handiwork.  God is the first cause of all things.  Seeing the world through the lens of that truth establishes a worldview that is ripe for sustaining believers and giving them hope when the world around them looks bleak and foreign.  To know the one who established the earth, and all it contains, allows us to weather the storms of life, while leaning heavily upon our faith.  This is a Christian worldview.

This is why Christian education is different.  Secular schools deny God, creation, and eternity.  They will work tirelessly to dismantle whatever truth your child managed to glean from home or church.  They are on a mission to remove God and any use of scripture, or morality, from the face of the earth.

Parents, you must fight for your children.  The stakes couldn not be higher.  Covenant Christian School offers a well-rounded education, with a view of God as "in all and through all."  2  + 2 = 4 because God ordained it to be so.  All scholastic disciplines are taught while asserting that God has made it thus; and he should be praised for His goodness to us by doing so.  

Your children need godly teachers showing them the way of righteousness.  They need consistent Bible teaching and application of Biblical principals to daily life.  They need structure and discipline and love.  This is what we have to offer at Covenant Christian School.  Tell your friends and neighbors.  Yazooans, by God's goodness, have a unique privilege to obtain a Christian education for their children.  I hope you will all register for next year with us.  We love you and your children.

That is all,

Sharon Gilder