Sharon Gilder on March 19, 2020

Hello parents, 

I am posting a copy of the letter I will email to each of you and there will also be a copy in your child's books and supplies that you will pick up on Saturday, March 21 from 9-12 at the school.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.  These are difficult times and we need to do extraordinary things to see ourselves through it.  

Please take care of yourselves and follow the guidelines of the leadership.  This virus is a killer and we want you all to be safe.  



Dear Parents,

These are difficult times and I pray daily that the Lord will hedge us about and protect us from this sickness.  As it continues to spread, I urge you to follow the directives of the government and keep you and your families safe.  The date of school resuming is now set for April 17. I know this is a burden to you and I would like nothing better than to go back to business as usual, but we cannot.

We are asking that you come to the school and pick up your children’s books.  The teachers will have assignments with them for the next 2 weeks.  It is important that you make your children do these assignments.  We are giving you only the most important subjects assignments.  Some subjects we are leaving off, but you are welcome to add those to your child’s daily task if you would like.  I encourage you to do just that. These are subjects like Penmanship, Spelling, and Wordly Wise.  Reading is very important.  We will not be sending our Readers home to you.  We will, however, be sending Reading Comprehension Books for you to do. (Upper Grades Only) You will need to make sure your child is reading EVERY DAY.   Many libraries will now let you check out books virtually, including the Ricks Memorial Library downtown.  It is a very simple process, but it does require the internet.  Younger children need to read out loud every day, maybe even twice a day. (K4 – 4th Grade) They should be improving in flow, expression, speed and accuracy. 

The teachers will have copies of answer keys for some subjects for you.  (Math and Language) Science and History have Comprehension Questions you can ask your child to make sure he/she understood the passages.  Please ask these questions and talk about the passages.  The 4 main subjects for Grades 4-6 are Math, Language, History, and Science and Reading.  These need to be done daily, Monday through Friday.  The younger Grades have worksheets that need to be done daily.  If the paper tells them to draw or color, please make sure they draw or color.  This is an important exercise for them; it has purpose. 

Teachers in Grades 3-6 may send some test home for you to use.  We will not send the answers, but you may email or text a picture of your child’s test when completed to the teacher and he/she will check it, if you would like.  WE WILL NOT TAKE GRADES ON ANY OF THIS WORK, NOR DO WE WANT YOU TO RETURN ANY OF THIS WORK.  That being said: your child still needs to do the work and do his/her best.  Teachers will give you a way to contact them if you have questions or need help understanding something. 

We ask that you come this Saturday, March 21, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12:00 noon to pick up your child’s books and supplies.  We are sending everything home because you may need it.  We will give you only 2 weeks of assignments this Saturday.  We have set the date for the next packet of assignments on Saturday, April 4.  That will take us up to March 17.  I will continue to use our school email and website to notify you of our status. 

When you come to pick up your child’s books, please stay in your car and we will deliver a bag with the books inside.  Drive through the school entrance and wait patiently in line.  DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.  We value our safety as well as yours.

Finally, there are lots and lots of fun apps for learning on the internet.  I encourage you to use them, especially for Math facts.  A child who doesn’t know his/her Math facts will struggle.  These can be learned in a game style on these apps.  Go online and find one that appeals to your child.  Many are waiving their fees during this crisis.  There are museums that let you do virtual tours for free. 

Praying for you all,

Sharon Gilder