Oh ye of little faith...

Sharon Gilder on February 1, 2018

These words of Jesus come to my mind regularly.  Just like Peter, we have strong faith, until the wind and the waves come and we begin to doubt and become fearful.  That causes us to start sinking.... sinking into hard thoughts of God, questions about our circumstances and whether God is "on top of it".  We feel the need to help God accomplish His purposes although we don't know what those are.  We blunder and sink and fall and nearly drown at times. 

Sweet Jesus comes to us faithfully and with compassion.  "Oh ye of little faith, have courage and do not fear," He says.  Then He takes us by the hand and supports us through the waves of circumstance and into the boat of safety.  What can I do but cry out, "My Lord, you ARE the Son of God!"  I am ashamed of how often my faith is weak because I KNOW that He is the Son of God and He has me in His hands. I need to listen for His words to me, "Take courage and do not be afraid, for it is I."

Covenant Christian School is embarking on a new journey.  We are incorporating a 4 year old Kindergarten to our classes.  We have prayed about this and believe that it is a good thing to do.  We weren't able to get it going last year but the Lord has given grace, and we are moving ahead with this addition.  Please help us get the word out to the public.  We have a wonderful school and will provide an outstanding education to our students. They will be ready for junior high school at any school when they leave here.  We are walking in faith here and we know that Jesus holds our hands.  The future is exciting.  Come and be a part of the family!

That is all.

Sharon Gilder