Lunch Orders

Lunchtime is from 12:00 - 1:00 every day.  Please be sure your child has lunch or is aware of lunch plans before the school day begins.  If you are sending lunch, please send everything your child will need.  (spoons, bowls, cups, etc.) If you bring their lunch later in the morning, place the lunch on the table in the cafeteria marked "Brought Lunches".  Make sure you have the child's name on the lunch.  There are sharpie pens in the cafeteria on the bar for you to use.  NEVER take the lunch to the child's classroom.

Forgotten lunches:  We realize occasional forgetfulness is inevitable and one or two phone calls for lunch will be permitted.  Repeated calling will not be allowed and will result in your child going without lunch.  The school will keep cereal or peanut butter crackers on hand and this will be offered to your child in that case.

Four days a week your child will have the option to order lunch from local vendors.  We have made arrangements with Hunt's Brothers Pizza on Tuesdays, Subway on Wednesdays, and Bumpers on Thursdays and Popeye's on Fridays.  Your child may purchase lunch or bring a lunch from home on those days.  On Mondays, your child will need to bring a lunch.  No drinks are provided with the lunches purchased. 

Money for purchased lunches must be sent with the child first thing in the morning.  PLEASE SEND CORRECT CHANGE.  DO NOT TELL YOUR CHILD TO ORDER AND YOU WILL PAY LATER.  If you do, your child's order may be processed.  You will be notified and will have to bring lunch to the child that day.  If you do not have the money in the exact change needed, please pack a lunch for that day.  SEND CORRECT change for EACH child.  DO NOT SEND LARGE BILLS for multiple children or multiple orders for the week.  Orders are processed separately by each class.  Each child in the family should have correct change for their order. If large bills are sent for multiple children, it presents unnecessary confusion.

Milk may be purchased for the year, the month, or for the day.

We have a student refrigerator and several microwaves.  Kindergartens, First and second grades may have difficulty with microwaves.  A simple lunch is best for them. 

Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children anytime on school grounds.  Please stop by the office to let us know of your presence.