Dress Code

School dress is regarded by Covenant Christian School to be primarily the responsibility of the home.  We expect clothing to be clean and neat, age appropriate, in good repair and well fitted.  We allow a wide variety in dress, however we do require clothing to follow Biblical standards for modesty. 

During warm weather, shorts are allowed for both boys and girls.  However, shorts for both boys and girls in all grades, including kindergarten, must be longer than mid-thigh in length.  Skirts and dresses must also be longer than mid-thigh in length.  Nike shorts, soccer shorts, and other such athletic shorts are not allowed.  Leggings if worn must be worn under mid-thigh length shorts or skirts.  Shorts and pants for all students must fit at the waist.  Tops for girls must have straps at least 1 inch wide and long enough to cover bare skin when arms are raised.  At no time should undergarments be visible.  (This includes boys)  Boys may not wear tank tops.  Clothing containing writing, numbers, or adornment must be appropriate to a Christian school atmosphere.  (No rock group, beer or tobacco T-shirts)  If inappropriate clothing is worn, parents will be called to bring acceptable clothing. 

Shoes of all types may be worn.  However, tennis shoes are recommended.  We ask that they be well fitted and without excessive wear and tear.  Sandals are allowed but only if they have straps around the heel so that they stay on the foot.  No slide sandals are allowed.  Flip flops of all types are not to be worn.  If a child comes to school in shoes that are not permitted, a parent will be called and required to bring another pair of shoes to the school.   Children are especially encouraged to wear tennis shoes for P.E. class. 

We expect hair to be clean and well groomed.  Bangs should not touch eyebrows.  Hair is to be kept out of eyes and away from the face.  Boy’s hair should not be touching the collar of the T-shirt.  No unusual colors or objects in the hair are allowed.  No hats are to be worn.

Make up of any kind is prohibited for all students.