Academic Standards

In order for you to monitor your child's progress, the teacher will send home weekly test papers for you to examine.  We ask that you sign the papers and return them the next day.  Your signature indicates that you have seen the grades for that week and are aware of how your child is doing in each subject.  Should the grades trend downward, please attempt to discover the root of the problem and take measures to remedy the situation.  With these weekly test papers will come a letter from the teacher or the school  giving you important information.  PLEASE read these communications carefully. 

The school year is composed of six six-week periods for grades K5-3 and four nine-week periods for grades 4-6.  Report cards will be sent home on Report Card Day.  Parents are to sign and return them the next day. 

Academic grades will be reported as follows:


A+                   100                                                      C+                   83-84

A                      96-99                                                  C                      77-82

A-                    94-95                                                   C-                    75-76

B+                   92-93                                                   D+                   73-74

B                      87-91                                                  D                     71-72

B-                    85-86                                                   D-                    70

                                                                                     F                      69 and below

The purpose of academic standards is to ensure that the students whom we serve are in fact benefiting from their time with us.  At the end of any six-week or nine-week grading period, if a student is failing in a subject, he/she will be placed on academic alert and  parents will be notified.  If the student continues to struggle in that subject we will request a conference with the parents to determine what further evaluation or action is appropriate.

Character assessment is an important part of what we evaluate at CCS along with academic grades.  Teachers will send an evaluation of the nature of your child's character while in the classroom and at school in general with each report card.  We believe that training in respect, honesty, diligence, obedience and self control are as much a part of the education of a child as math and spelling, particularly in a Christian school.  Our evaluation is to assist you in partnership with us to shape godly behavior and good social skills in your child.  The character trait assessment page needs to be signed and returned with the report card each grading period.

Character will be evaluated as follows:

            O = Outstanding                                            N= Needs Improvement     

            S= Satisfactory                                               U= Unsatisfactory

Students who make Honor Roll for all A's or for all A's and B's will have their names published in the local newspaper after each report card.